Управління освіти Кропивницької міської ради


CHRISTMAS PARTY (Для учнів початкової школи)

Compere 1.: In Great Britain one of the dearest winter’s holidays is Merry Christmas. They celebrate it on 25, December.

Compere 2: Have a look, now animals welcome you to the forest to celebrate British Christmas with them.

(Animals appear on the stage.)

Squirrel:                     Come to my hut,

                                     I’ll give you a nut.

Hare:                          Come to my village,

                                     I’ll give you a cabbage.

Hedgehog:                  Come to my house,

                                     I’ll give you a mouse.

Fox:                             Come to my hole,

                                     I’ll treat you all.

Bear:                           Come to my den

                                     You’ll get honey then.

All together:               Welcome, welcome to us!

                                     We shall sing, and play, and dance!

(The Song “We like to dance…”)

Compere 1: It’s difficult to imagine Christmas holiday without a Christmas Tree and Christmas stockings. 

Compere 2: Children, let’s say magic words and our Christmas tree will appear.

All children:               Oh, Christmas Tree| 2

                                     How we love to see you!

                                     We’ll make some ornaments for you

                                     Of red, and gold, and green, and blue.

                                     Oh, Christmas Tree| 2

                                     How we love to see you!

(The Christmas tree appears. Then three snowflakes appear on the stage.  )

The first snowflake:   Hello, Christmas Tree!

The second snowflake: I am glad to see you!

The third snowflake: I am glad to see you too!

The first snowflake: My name is Snowy. And what is your name?

The second snowflake: My name is Whity. And yours?

The third snowflake: My name is Crispy.

The first snowflake: How quietly the snow is falling on the ground!

The second snowflake: It’s falling jn the country-side

                                           And softy on the town.

The third snowflake: Tiny stars are falling

                                        From the sky tonight,

                                        Tonight, the tiny stars of snow.

                                         Let’s dance.

(Snowflakes are dancing)

Compere 1:  Our Christmas tree is here. Look! It’s very nice.  But where is Santa Claus? We can’t start our party without him. Can we?

All children: No, we cant’!

Compere 2:  So you must call him. You must call him with the help of Christmas poems

 Compere 1: Who wants to be the first reciter?

Child 1:                       It’s Christmas! Merry Christmas!

                                    Yes, it’s merry, merry Christmas!

                                     It’s time for hanging stockings,

                                     It’s time for riding sleigh!

 Child 2:                      It’s time for jolly greetings,

                                     Snow and holly overeatings.

                                     Oh, I love you, merry Christmas,

                                     You are the best of holidays!

 Child 3:                      How will you Christmas keep?

                                     Feasting, fasting or asleep?

                                     Will you laugh or will you pray?

                                     Or will you forget the day?

Child 4:                        Be it kept with joy or play,

                                      Keep of either some to spare,

                                      What so ever brings the day,

                                      Do not keep but give away.

Child 5:                        Suddenly the shops are bright,

                                      Changed by magic overnight –

                                      Red and green against the white.

Child 6:                        Suddenly the streets are gay

                                     As the carols begin to play

                                     Up and down, across the way.

Child 7:                        And the children, young and old,

                                      Ruddy with December cold

                                      Suddenly are good as gold.

Child 8:                       It’s winter, it’s Christmas!

                                     Look at our Christmas tree.

                                     There are big balls, there are nice dolls,

                                     Many candies you can see.

Child 9:                       There are the flags, and there are the ribbons,

                                     Little bells and bright stars, too.

                                     Red and orange, green and yellow,

                                     Pink and purple, violet and blue.

Child 10:                     Wish you all the gladness

                                     This lovely season brings,

                                     And wish you, too,

                                     A whole year through of

                                     Best and brightest things!

Child 11:                     The day is so clear.

                                     The snow is so white.

                                     The sky is so bright.

Child 12:                     We shout with all our might:

                                     Merry Christmas and

                                     A happy New Year!

Child 13:                     Snow falls, falls, falls…

                                     Let’s play snowballs.

                                     Dear friends, Bill and Ben,

                                     Let us make a big snowman!

Child 14:                     Give him a hat, a stick

                                     And make him look gay.

                                     Such a fine game

                                     For a cold winter day!

                                     Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s jolly in the snow!

Child 15:                     We make a snowman

                                     Big and round. (3 times)

                                     We put the snowman

                                     On the ground!  (3 times)

Child 16:                     I made myself a snowball

                                    As perfect as it could be!

                                     I think:

                                    “I would keep it as a pet

                                    And let it sleep with me!”

                                    I made it some pajamas

                                      And a pillow for his head.

                                      Then last night it ran away,

                                      But first – it wet a bed.

Child 17:                      Christmas time is here,

                                      Happiness and cheer.

                                      Fun for all that children call

                                      Their favourite time of the year.                              

Child 18:                      Snowflakes in the air,

                                      Carrols everywhere.

                                     Olden times and ancient rhymes

                                     Of love and dreams to share.   

Child 19:                     Sleigh bells in the air

                                     Beauty everywhere.

                                     Yuletide by the fireside

                                     And joyful memories there.     

Child 20:                     Christmas is here?

                                     We’ll be drawing near. 

                                     Oh, that we could always see

                                     Such spirit through the year. 

Child 21:                     From all of us to all of you

                                     A very merry Christmas!

                                     And at this joyful time of year

                                     We want you to be with us!        

Child 22:                    A merry, merry Christmas to you!

                                   A merry, merry Christmas to me!

                                   A merry, merry Christmas to all our friends!

                                   Wherever they may be.


Child 23:                   A merry, merry Christmas to our school

                                   And to our teachers too!    

                                   A merry Christmas to everyone!

                                   Let our wishes come true!

Child 24:                   I wish you many, many years,

                                   Many happy years

                                   For your good health!

                                   Merry Christmas to all of you!          

Compere 1:  Thank you very much. All of you are good reciters. Be good and Santa Clause will bring you presents.

Compere 2:  We hope Santa Claus have heard you. And soon he’ll appear here. Let’s call him once more all together.

All Children: 

                                     Santa Claus, Santa Claus,

                                     Come to our tree,

                                     Bring presents to me!

                                     Christmas is near,

                                     Come quickly here!


(Appear Santa Clause and animals)

Owl: Look, Santa is here!

Animals: Merry Christmas, dear Santa! We are glad to have you here!

Santa Claus (sadly): Good morning and Merry Christmas to you too! Have a nice holiday. I must hurry. Children are waiting for me.

Squirrel: Why are you so sad? What has happened?

Santa Claus: It’s Christmas.

Squirrel: I like Christmas!

Hare: I like presents!  

Hedgehog: I like crackers!

Fox: I like to sing carols!

Bear: I like a Christmas party!

Santa Claus: I don’t like presents, and crackers, and the Christmas party!

Animals: Why don’t you like Christmas?

Santa Claus: I work at Christmas. No presents or cracker, or Christmas party for me.

Animals: That’s terrible!

Squirrel: Have you got a Christmas tree?

Santa Claus: No.

Hare: Have you got Christmas decorations?

Santa Claus: No.

Hedgehog: Have you got a Christmas cake?

Santa Claus: No.

Animals: That’s awful! (Squirrel is taking Santa by his hand.)

Squirrel: Come and look at our Christmas tree.

Santa Claus: What a wonderful tree! I’ve never seen anything like this!

Fox: Oh, Santa! Stay with us, please, and let’s enjoy the Christmas celebration together.

Santa Claus: I’d love to, but I’m short of time. OK! Maybe just for some minutes.

Animals: Merry Christmas, Santa!

Compere 1: Children! Let’s high spirit of Santa Claus! Let’s sing him a song!

                  (Children sing the song “Jingle Bells”)

Animals: Santa, are you happier now?

Santa Claus: Yes, I am happy now! I have a wonderful time with you! Your party is a real present for me.

                                     May all the days of all the years

                                     That God has still in store

                                     Be filled with every joy and grace

                                     To bless you more and more!

                                     May hope of heart and peace of mind

                                     Beside you ever stay,

                                     And that’s the golden wish I have

                                     For you, this Christmas day!

(Sauna Claus goes away, waving with his hand to the participants of the party and saying “Good-bye”) 

Compere 1:  Now, we see, you know a lot about Santa Claus and the British Christmas traditions.

Compere 2:  But soon we’ll celebrate Christmas in Ukraine. You’ll have your winter holidays and, we

         hope, you’ll have many presents, as in a famous carol “The 12 days of Christmas”.

                   (Children sing the song “The 12 days of Christmas”).

 Compere 1:  Our Christmas party comes to the end. Let’s sing all together a famous British carol

 “We wish you a merry Christmas!”

All Children:               We wish you a merry Christmas!

                                      We wish you a merry Christmas!

                                      We wish you a merry Christmas

                                      And a happy New Year!”

 Compere 2:  We wish each of you a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year too! And don’t forget to prepare your Christmas stockings for presents.

Compere 1.:  But now it’s time to say you Good-bye!”

Compere 2: Bye-bye! Pleased to have such a nice time with you!